Who we are:

We are just a bunch of guys obsessed with boba milk tea, boba purist if you may. When we first started dreaming up Mr. Tea we thought to ourselves how we could give the world the boba milk tea we grew up with and loved so much, the tea we had such a passion for. We were tired of compromises, the bland watery drinks people called tea and the mushy tapioca balls people called boba.

We stand for:

We stand for Quality:

Never any compromises, only the finest loose-lead teas and the highest grade A boba would make it into our drinks. Boba is a passion, a love, a craft and our sole mission is to share that with the world.

We are Innovative:

Constantly changing and experimenting with new ideas, we strive to come up with crazy new ideas and bring you guys the best cup of boba possible without having to fly half way around the world to get it. Never be afraid to ask us to try any crazy ideas you have in your head!

We Care:

We genuinely care about our craft and delivering the best boba to you, every single time. We go to extreme length to ensure you will get the best tasting boba no matter the time of day, every day. Boba is a passion for us and there’s nothing we care about more.

Our Mission:

Mr. Tea all started from a craving for milk tea. Late one night we wanted to satisfy our craving for the boba milk tea we grew up with in Asia. However what we got in hand did not satisfy us. We felt things could be done better. It was obvious there were corners being cut and compromises being made. All of which got in the way of us, and our perfect cup of milk tea. So we embarked on a new adventure. Left our day jobs and got on a plane to learn everything there was about milk tea. After tasting countless teas and learning traditional milk tea production in Taiwan we came back to Hawaii and begun work on what is the Mr. Tea recipe available today. Hundreds if not thousands of attempts later we have created what we believe to be the best cup of milk tea you can get anywhere!

One of our biggest visions for Mr. Tea was to create a boba shop no one has ever seen. We wanted to break down the classic stereotypes and preconceived notion of what a boba shop is and should be. We wanted to create a hub for creativity and atmosphere to transport you away from the boba shops you have been used to in the past.

But beyond that we wanted to set the benchmark for what boba should be. No compromises, the best tea, the best ingredients, and best business practices to create the best cup of boba milk tea you’ve ever had, every single time you stop by.

We believe in changing minds with a smile and a boba in hand.